Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hoping to start running soon

After numerous setbacks since the Louisville Marathon Oct. 19, I'm crossing my fingers in hope that I can start back running soon. I've run very inconsistently since the marathon and have not run a step in at least two weeks. My back is giving me the most problems right now — bulging disc — which I'm trying to rest and then strengthen over the next few weeks so I can start back running pain free.

If everything goes the way I hope, I'll be back running again the week of Jan. 26, which will give me two more weeks off and 10 weeks of training before a possible marathon race. If I get in decent shape, I'll run the Rodes City Run 10K road race as a tune-up March 21, and run the Ohio River Road Runners Club Marathon April 5. That's a big "if" though. I would like to get in another marathon before the new baby, which is due in late April, early May. Before the Louisville Marathon I didn't get in very good training the two months leading up to the race and still ran a personal record of 2:58, so I think with 10 solid weeks I can go faster and possibly get closer to the 2:50 barrier — my next big marathon goal.

Hopefully I'll have good news in a couple of weeks.