Sunday, January 27, 2008

Week of Jan. 21-27

I had one of my better weeks of training in a long time, completing 6 runs Monday through Saturday, including a few faster runs and 1 day of 3 total hours of running. Here's what the previous week looked like...

Monday: 80 minutes progression run, getting down to around 6:30 pace.
Tuesday: 45 minutes steady pace with 10 1-minute hard segments.
Wednesday: 41 minutes progression run, getting down to around 6:30 pace.
Thursday: 30 minutes on treadmill.
Friday: No running. Went to the KPA awards banquet that night, where I won seven awards, including first place in Sports Columns, first in News Story, second and third in Sports Feature, and some headlines and page design top-3 awards.
Saturday: Ran from my house in Pleasureville to Shelbyville (to pick up my car I left at Kroger the night before) and ran a few miles with the Shelbyville Road Runners. In all, it was 2 hours and 10 minutes of running at a steady pace. Saturday night I ran 50 minutes on the treadmill at a faster pace, which gave me 3 hours of total running.

Looking forward: Now that I have just 3 weeks until the 50K trail race, time is running out to get in a long run lasting more than 3 hours like I had planned to do. So I might do a mid-week long run of 3-4 hours this coming week, and then run a shorter long run at a faster pace on the weekend. I figure a long run 17 days out will be better than a long run 14 days out (for recovery purposes).
Well, hopefully I will have a solid week of training the following 7 days, then start to back off for the race.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Week of Jan. 14-20

I now have four weeks left to get ready for the 50K trial race. Here's what my second week back into training looked like from Jan. 14-20...

Monday: 30 minutes on treadmill with incline set at 10 percent the entire run which made it very tough. (I prefer treadmill running at times, especially when I don't have many hills to run on outside and I have a hilly race ahead. This was definitely a hard run.)
Tuesday: 5 minutes, plus 12 times 1-minute hard and 1-minute easy. Good workout, ran the hard sessions on pavement and on grass along the road. Felt good by the end of the run, which was a good thing.
Wednesday: 15 minutes, plus 15 by 30 seconds all out on treadmill with incline set at 10 percent, plus 10 minutes. Very good treadmill workout; I could definitely feel it on the lungs and the legs; should provide needed strength and got my leg muscles really firing.
Thursday: No official run but played basketball and volleyball for over two hours. I feel this type of cross-training really helps.
Friday: 31 minutes easy to medium paced, plus 2 sprints.
Saturday: 11 miles easy to medium paced run with Shelbyville Road Runners.

Notes: I also did leg excercises three nights and some strength training that involved core and arms.

Final thoughts: Overall, it was a decent week but I have a ways to go during the next four weeks before the 50K race. I'm going to increase my weekly runs, include a tougher mid-week workout and complete a longer long run this coming weekend. The next two weeks are very important with my limited preperation. This Saturday, with three weeks until the race, I will most likely complete my longest long run.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Week of Jan. 7-13

I've had a few injuries and was sick off-and-on for the past few weeks, so took a little while off from running to regroup. I've ran a few times each week during the past month but nothing serious. This week, six weeks out from my scheduled 50K Race, I started running again. Here's what the week looked like:

Monday: 31 minutes easy run.
Tuesday: 10 minutes, plus 1 minute hard and 1 minute easy 10 times = 30 minutes total.
Wednesday: 34 minutes progression run, starting out at around 8-minute pace, dropping to 7-minute pace around a mile into the run and finishing at 6:30-pace. Plus 10 100-meter sprints.
Thursday: No running (played basketball and volleyball though).
Friday: 35 minutes easy run.
Saturday: 2 hours long run, starting easy and running miles 7-14 at a hard pace of around 6:30 miles.
Sunday: No running.

Notes: So for my first week back, I ran around 40 miles in five days. I had two mid-week hard runs with the 1-1 fartlick and the progression run, and completed a long run of around 17 miles on Saturday - running 11 miles with the Shelbyville Road Runners. I thought it was a decent first week, and with five weeks left until the 50K race, I want to increase my mileage and my weekend long run. I heard that the 50K race has lots! of hills, so that's something I need to work on.