Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week of March 15-21

Monday -- Off
Tuesday -- 3 miles easy
Wednesday -- 10 miles on treadmill in 1:05:55 = 12 miles total
Thursday -- 2 miles easy
Friday -- 6 miles at 6:20-mile pace
Saturday -- 4 miles
Sunday -- Off
Total -- 27 miles

Coming off the Highland Renaissance 24-Hour Race over the weekend, my total mileage for the ensuing week was really-really low with just 27 miles total. However, Wednesday's hard tempo on the treadmill went very well with a five-mile split of 33:08 and a 10-mile time of 1:05:55. Also, Friday's run with the Henry County track team started out with a 6:05 opening mile and averaged 6:20s. Not a good week but legs really fatigued and two decent runs. still feel fit.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 8-14

Monday -- 4 miles (still recovering from strep throat)
Tuesday -- 4 miles / 5 miles = 9 miles
Wednesday -- 5 miles with 2 sets of 1K, 2x400
Thursday -- Off
Friday -- 6 miles steady
Saturday -- 24-Hour Race, 38 miles
Sunday -- Off
Total -- 62 miles

Still recovering from strep throat that has back-tracked my training, the week got off to a slow start before the Highland Renaissance 24-Hour Race over the weekend. In the first annual event, which I was the Race Director, I had not planned to compete but decided to do a long run in preperation for the Louisville Derby Marathon. The race started at 8 a.m. but I didn't start running until around 1 p.m. I ran 20 miles easy (on the two-mile long loops), took a break, then ran 14 miles progressingly increasing the pace to close to seven-minute miles. After the 34 miles, I took a long break, then walked four miles for 38 total during the event. I felt good considering I have been coming off the strep throat, had not been doing many long runs and ran 34 miles at a decent pace. From this point forward, I need to really start focusing on the marathon training with an emphasize on long runs and maraton-specific workouts. I will race the Papa John's 10-Miler on April 3 and the Derby Marathon on April 24.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week of March 1-7

Monday -- Off, sick
Tuesday -- 3 miles easy, sick
Wednesday -- off, sick
Thursday -- off, sick, tested positive for strep throat
Friday -- 2 miles with 7x200 controlled speed, still sick
Saturday -- Off
Sunday -- Off
Total -- 5 miles

Week of Feb. 22-28

Monday -- 6 miles inside HCHS including relays with high school runners
Tuesday -- 8 miles outside in the morning / 4 miles insdie including fast relays with high school runners = 12 miles
Wednesday -- (treadmill) warm up, 2xmile, 5-mile hard, 2xmile, cool down = 11 miles
Times were 6:04, 5:59, 31:18, 5:59, 5:59
Thursday -- Off
Friday -- 6 miles with 3 miles hard racing the high school runners. Ran inside the high school on a 11-laps-to-the-mile loop with tight turns, 33 laps in 18:11.
Saturday -- Off, started feeling sick
Sunday -- Off, feeling sick
Total -- 31 miles

Week of Feb. 15-21

Monday -- 8 miles in blizzard
Tuesday -- (treadmill) warm up, 2xmile, 4-mile tempo, 2xmile, cool down = 10 miles
Times were 6:16, 6:05, 26:30, 6:08, 5:58
Wednesday -- (treadmill) 12 miles
Tuursday -- 8 miles inside HCHS including relays with high school runners
Friday -- 6 miles inside HCHS including relays with high school runners
Saturdday -- 12 miles with road runners, finishing with final 3 miles 6:15-average
Sunday -- Off
Total -- 56 miles