Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week of Feb.8-14

Increased mileage to 50 miles this week in my first time reaching the milestone in my preparation for the Louisville Marathon. Wednesday and Thursday were my key days with Wednesday getting in 20 total miles on the treadmill in two separate runs (ran 12 miles early in the morning, then ran another 8 miles when the kids took a nap), then ran hill sprints with Cassey, Cathryn and Eric at the Fischers house in Campbellsburg on Thursday. Very good back-to-back days. Here was the week:

Monday -- 6 miles with two relays inside with HCHS track team
Tuesday -- 8 miles outside in snow
Wednesday -- 12 miles on treadmill/8 miles on treadmill = 20 miles
Thursday -- 6 miles with 15 x hill sprints (5x200, 5x150, 5x100) outside in snow
Friday -- 6 miles with two relays inside with HCHS track team
Saturday -- 4 miles easy on treadmill
Sunday -- Off
Total -- 50 miles

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week of Feb. 1-Feb. 7

I increased my mileage by 11 in my second week back to training, getting up to 45 for the week. I also started to add more intense running into the training plan -- Monday I ran five strides at about 90-percent effort after a steady run, Tuesday I ran two miles at goal marathon pace during an 8-miler, Friday I ran a fast relay with my high school/middle school runners, and Saturday I ran a tempo in the cold weather. Here is the breakdown:

Monday -- 5 miles, plus 5x100
Tuesday -- 8 miles with 2 miles at 6:30-pace
Wednesday -- 16 miles on treadmill
Thursday -- 6 miles at site of Renaissance 24-Hour Race
Friday -- 4 miles, plus indoor relay with high school runners of about 2 miles of hard running
Saturday -- warmup, 42-minute tempo on snowy roads = 6 miles
Sunday -- Off
Total -- 45 miles

Week of Jan. 25-Jan. 31

In my first week back to training, in preparation for the Louisville Marathon on April 24, I ran 34 miles with mostly easy to steady runs. I felt relatively good considering it was my first week back to training. Here is what I did:

Monday -- 4 miles in the morning / 4 miles in the afternoon = 8 miles
Tuesday -- Off
Wednesday -- 7 miles
Thursday -- 4 miles in the morning / 5 miles in the afternoon = 9 miles
Friday -- 3 miles in the morning / 3 miles in the afternoon = 6 miles
Saturday -- 4 miles with 25-minute tempo in the snow
Sunday -- Off
Total -- 34 miles