Monday, February 11, 2008

Week of Feb. 4-Feb. 10

Heading down the homestretch of my 50K preparation, I've backed off some this past week but still managed to get in a few quality runs. Now, with one week remaining until the showdown with the tough trails, I'll rest as much as I can while still getting in some easy jogs and light strides. Here's what the previous week looked like...

Monday: 40 minutes progression run, plus 10 100-meter sprints. Finished run strong and felt smooth on strides.
Tuesday: 1:06:00 steady run. Felt a little tired but finished run strong. Ran most of run on side of road in grass to get used to the poor footing on the trails. I think I turned my ankle at least a dozen times.
Wednesday: (on treadmill) 20 minutes easy, plus 5 minutes hard, 4 minutes hard, 3 minutes hard, 2 minutes hard and 1 minute hard with short recovery off treadmill between each hard run, plus 20 minutes steady.
Thursday: No "official" running, but played volleyball for about an hour.
Friday: 400-meter swim, plus eight laps of water jogging.
Saturday: 11+ miles in 1:19:22 with Shelbyville Road Runners. Felt good but didn't pick up the pace until the final three miles. Finished strong. Ran second half much faster than first half.
Sunday: Off

Note: I also did some strength training twice during the week and core training three times. One week out, it was a good week and I actually had to hold myself back from training. Even though I've only trained the previous four weeks for this race, I feel like I'm in decent shape now. We'll see Saturday morning I guess.

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