Thursday, February 7, 2008

Week of Jan. 28-Feb. 3

In my final "tough" week of training during my short buildup to the 50K race, I had a solid week. Now that I'm approaching Feb. 16, it's time to just cruise it in until race day. Here's what the previous week looked like...

Monday: 60 minutes steady on treadmill.
Tuesday: 40 minutes steady on treadmill.
Wednesday: 2:50:00 long run. The first two hours were at a steady pace of 7:30-8:00 minutes per mile, while I really turned it up for the final 50 minutes, running close to 6:00 pace I'm guessing. Surprisingly, I felt really good during the final 50 minutes. I ran from my house in Pleasureville, cut across some back roads to highway 55 just outside of Eminence, ran down 55, through Shelbyville and past Wal-Mart, where Sandra picked me up. It was my longest long run for this race, and my final.
Thursday: No "official" running, but played about 1.5 hours of volleyball.
Friday: 40 minutes easy on cross-country course in versailles.
Saturday: Around 11-mile hard run in 1:08:00. I was running late to meet the Shelbyville Road Runners (actually, I didn't wake up until 7 a.m., the time I was supposed to be there), so I started on my own. I ran the normal (a little over) 11-mile course we do, minus a short section on the way back that does a little loop inside the entrance to the park. It's a course I usually run in 1:18-1:20 and my best was 1:16:00, so to run 1:08:00 (which would have been around 1:09:00) was a solid time that shows my speed for a 50K race is there.
Sunday: Off.

Note: Overall, it was a good week. I really concentrated on the mid-week long run and the weekend hard medium long run, which I think will be very beneficial for me in a few weeks. I also did some strength training a few nights and some core exercises. I'll get in a few solid runs this coming week, including one workout and one longer run, then back down for the race.

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